DELF-DALF Tout Public (adultes)

Tout Public (Adults only; Exam location for TOUT PUBLIC only: PEC 5000 Rue René Huguet, Lachine, QC H8T 1M7 )

  • June 8-13, 2020 (registrations are closed)
  • November 2-6, 2020 (registration begins in September 2020)
  • March 8 -13, 2021
  • June 14 au 19, 2021
  • November 1 - 6, 2021

Candidats can register for either the A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 language proficiency tests. For candidates in the youth sector (13 - 17 year old), you can only register for the DELF (levels A1-B2 only). Your decision to register for an exam should be made with help from your FSL teacher. The DELF has 2 components: a written exam and an oral interview. The written exam starts at 12:00 Noon sharp on each testing date. Oral interviews take place either the same day as or within 1-2 weeks of completion of the written exam.

Test Levels

A1 Discovery Students are able to introduce themselves and talk about their hobbies, explain where they live, describe relationships, etc.

A2 Intermediate Students are able to communicate and exchange on familiar subjects.

B1 Independent Students are able to interact with ease in French on familiar topics with native speakers.

B2 Advanced Students are able to communicate with spontaneity and ease. It is also the level of language proficiency that most French universities require from undergraduate foreign students.